Woody is the founding member on the team he has been with us from the beginning and helps us through all of our practices and events. He also plays for our Rookie team.


Nick is one of our newer members that plays on our Rookie team.  "I'm Nick I am currently thirteen years old. I'm one of the younger players on the team, but I play at my best. My positions are snake, back, and middle insert player. I hope to see more people get into the sport, and see them enjoy it as much as I do."- Nick


Robert has been playing with us for two events now on our Rookie team.

"I shoot a Planet Eclipse Geo 2 with a Pinokio, and a CP 48/4500. I'm a little guy but I can also move around a lot faster and quieter than some of the old folk *cough* Woody *cough* I am currently fifteen years old and attending my freshman year in highschool. I love paintball and play when ever and where ever I get the chance. I want to see the sport grow and progress as much as it can."- Robert. 

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